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This is the stuff we use to defy the masses

Our Gallery of unicycles

We REALLY want one of these...

But heres what we have to work with....

Kev's "Green Machine"
This is Kev's Muni. Profile Poznanter hub and crankset, Sun Doublewide 24'' rim, Nokian Gazzaloddi tire, Yuni frame, Miyata Airseat with Kinport handle, and Snafu pedals.
Nick D's "The Ghost"
Nick D's trials uni. KH everything (frame, hub, cranks, seat), Snafu pedals, Alex DX-32 19'' rim, Luna trials tire ... and everything's powdercoated white for extra pimpin' action.
Nick V's Muni
Nick V's MUni. Hub, Odyssey Black Widow cranks, Alex DX32 24'' rim, Yuni Frame, KH seat, Nokian Gazzaloddi tire
Kev's KH trials
Kev's superpimp trials setup. KH frame and crankset, Luna trials tire, Alex DX-32 19'' rim, Snafu sealed-bearing pedals (with grindplate installed on left pedal), Miyata seat with carbon-fiber base and new megacool carbon-fiber right-handed handle (not shown, see here: Kev's pimp-ass seat handle).
The Infamous "ummit" (Joe's trials)
Joe's trials uni and the first splined uni ever owned by a SWAT member. Summit (KH prototype) frame, KH cranks and hub, Alex DX-32 19'' rim, Luna trials tire, KH seat, Odyssey Jim Cielincki pedals.
Nick D's "Black Bomber" MUni
Nick D's MUni setup. Yuni frame, Profile Poznanter hub and crankset, KH airseat, Alex DX-32 24'' rim, Nokian Gazzaloddi tire, Bulletproof BMX pedals, and a wide variety of stickers.
Joe's MUni
Joe's MUni rig. Stock KH 24'' (KH hub, frame, crankset, and seat), with Alex DX-32 24'' rim, Odyssey Jim Cielincki pedals, and Nokian Gazzaloddi tire (currently switched to Dyno Fireball for urban riding at UPenn).
Jim's Onza trials
Jim's Onza trials uni. Onza frame and splined hub and cranks, Alex DX-32 19'' rim, Luna trials tire, KH seat, and Snafu pedals. Powdercoated gunmetal silver, meaning it's superior to all other Onza trials unis.
Tim's Summit trials
Tim's Summit trials uni. Summit frame, KH hub and cranks, Alex DX-32 19'' rim, Luna trials tire, KH seat, and Wellgo BMX pedals. Powdercoated two shades of red to assure awesomeness.
SWAT's notorious "coaster" uni
This uni was built by the Vadalas out of the front fork and wheelset of a big-wheel tricycle. The only new part on it is the Viscount seat. It appears to be a simple 16'' unicycle, but within the hub is a freewheeling mechanism that allows this unicycle to coast much like a normal bicycle. This makes it extraordinarily difficult to ride, as Joey Cohn, one of the country's best MUni and trials unicyclists, shows in this picture.

The coaster in action!