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These are all the members of Single Wheeled Attack Team.

Kevin O'Brien

A great unicyclist who lives in State College, making it difficult for him to ride with the team very often.

Joe Graff

He doesn't actually look like that all the time. Joe is an awesome unicyclist who is enrolled at The University of Penn

Jim Vadala

A good unicyclist who is the leader of S.W.A.T., but not because he's the best, but because he created the group.

Nick Vadala

He learns so fast and is as good as any of us, but he has only been riding for 4 months, and he can already bust out unispins smooth...

Nick Di John

An experienced unicyclist with much freestyle skill, who is also good at trials and MUni. He goes to temple and makes the people feel sad there..

Tim Braun

Tim is good, but he could be better. Tim is crazy.