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These are some photos of us and stills from the movie

More of us in our gallery

Jim riding down a stair set.

Nick V hops on wheel. Note the plight of the poor tire.

Nick D doing a 4-4.5' loading-dock drop.

Jim wheel-walking.

Jim's seatpost, doin' the gangsta lean

Nick D's super bike

Jim gapping off a bench.

DiJohn got pwn3d!

Jim drops off a loading dock (4-4.5').

Kevin crushes Joe mercilessly on the "ummit"

Joe hops!

dual cokers

Nick V does a unispin.

Nick D. drops

Nick D. precision hops to a bench

Nick D. jumps over a bench

Kev does his world famous Jesus impersonation

Nick V riding the 36'' Ultimate Wheel at NYMW

Nick D riding a 26'' Ultimate Wheel at NYMW. Note the SWAT Coaster!

Jim, proving just how awesome he is ... the puny Onza seatpost couldn't handle him.

Tim continues the SWAT tradition and breaks another seat post ... problem is, it was Brian MacKenzie's.

Nick D failing a drop. Don't worry ...

... he got it this time.

Jim follows up, completes the same drop.

What the hell is "promiscuous shooting?"

Nick D readies for a drop as Kevin and Jim look on.

Joe does a quick natural trials line.

Kev on the same line. Unfortunately ...

... he didn't quite make it.

Jim drops off a big rock.